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The garden furniture range of Loungeset.nl
Loungeset.nl is the lounge set specialist in the Netherlands! With us you have come to the right place for an extensive range of the most beautiful lounge sets from the best Dutch brands such as Hartman, Taste 4SO, 4 Seasons Outdoor, Exotan, Garden Impression and Sens-Line.
In addition to the most beautiful articles, we also offer great service, expert advice and a 5-year warranty on almost all products! If something does break, don't worry because we always have spare parts in stock and delivered very quickly.

Which garden furniture can you buy at loungeset.nl?
At Loungeset.nl we have a very extensive range of lounge sets and there is a suitable set available for everyone. Whether you go for a small or large lounge set and whether you have a large or small budget. We have it all!
Our range consists of corner lounge sets, chair-sofa lounge sets, dining lounge sets, platform lounge sets, chaise longue lounge sets, floating parasols and protective covers.

Best garden furniture brands
Loungeset.nl offers a wide range of the best brands.

4 Season outdoor
Enjoy and relax in a lounge set from 4 Seasons outdoor. Garden furniture that stands out for its unique design, high quality and great seating comfort.

Taste 4SO
Taste 4SO is a collection of garden furniture from the 4 Seasons outdoor brand. Again the Taste 4SO offers top quality with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Garden Impressions
The largest garden furniture brand in Europe offers quality garden furniture at a very competitive price.

Hartman, you enjoy it longer is their slogan. Comfort, design and quality is what they stand for.

A wide range of trendy garden furniture made from natural and sustainable materials.

Sens Line
Sens-line offers a challenging collection at the best price-quality ratio.

Cheap garden furniture
You have also come to the right place with a somewhat smaller budget. Loungeset.nl always has the lowest price, great offers and high discounts.
Just think:
• Seasonal Sale (from October)
• Black Friday (week of November 21)
• 5 - 10% (welcome) discount
• Discounted items
• Win promotions!

And all this with free shipping!

Buy garden furniture for the balcony or garden
Have you already made a choice or could you use some help buying your new lounge set? Then we have listed some tips for you to make the best choice!

1. How much space do you have available?
Measure your terrace and consider how large your lounge set can be. Also take into account about 80 centimeters of walking space between, for example, a coffee table or side table or space for a chair-sofa/dining-lounge set. Do you want to be able to eat and lounge with the same furniture? Then go for adjustable garden chairs. This allows you to dine comfortably at the table and if you want to lounge in a relaxed way, you can fold the backrest back.

2. What is your budget?
At Loungeset.nl you will find high-quality lounge sets in every price range. We offer you a wide range of Dutch A-brands at the lowest price. This way you never pay too much with us!

Are you looking for a comfortable lounge set at the lowest price? Then take a look at the lounge sets from:
- Garden Impressions

Are you looking for lounge sets with the best price-quality ratio? Then take a look at the lounge sets from:
- Taste 4SO
- Exotan

Are you looking for an exclusive design lounge set of the highest quality? Then take a look at the lounge sets from:
- 4 Seasons Outdoor

3. What look do you want?
A lounge set is relatively large and therefore determines the atmosphere in your garden or on your terrace. The appearance of this must therefore match the style of your garden. The choice of materials plays a major role in this.
For example, an aluminum lounge set often has a sleek design and therefore fits well in a modern garden.
Wooden lounge sets give a classic and elegant look that fits more in a rural garden.
Wicker lounge sets are made of a braided plastic that looks natural. The lounge sets also look good in classic or rural gardens.
Rope lounge sets are a different kind of woven lounge sets with a very natural and refined look. The lounge sets fit perfectly in romantic gardens.

4. How much maintenance do you want to spend on your lounge set?
Each material has its own properties. For example, wooden garden furniture is strong and gives a warm look, but it does require regular maintenance to prevent discoloration and rotting. Wicker and aluminum, on the other hand, are maintenance-free, strong and lightweight.

5. What material should your lounge set be made of?
Would you like to know more about the different materials? Below is a brief description of the different materials. For a detailed description, take a look at the page of the relevant material.

Garden furniture in all materials
aluminum garden furniture
Aluminum is a material that is very maintenance-friendly. An aluminum lounge set has a long lifespan and also a beautiful, modern look. So are you looking for that modern lounge set that will complete your garden? Then an aluminum lounge set is a good choice! Interested in an aluminum lounge set? View the collection!

wooden garden furniture
Although a wooden lounge set does require some maintenance, we understand very well if you are looking for a wooden lounge set! Wood is a natural product and therefore gives a particularly beautiful look and feel. A lounge set made of wood is guaranteed to add charm to your garden. In addition, it not only gives charm but also a pleasant seating comfort. Interested in a wooden lounge set? View the collection!

plastic garden furniture
Plastic lounge sets are extremely popular due to the great diversity in styles. Plastic also has favorable properties. It is light in weight, easy to maintain and incredibly strong. However, plastic garden furniture can discolour due to harmful UV rays. UV protective additives are therefore incorporated in the plastic. Cheaper plastic garden furniture will contain less of these additives and discolour faster. We therefore advise you to properly maintain plastic garden furniture and to use protective covers to slow down this process.

rope garden furniture
You see it more and more in recent years. An emerging and lasting trend! Rope is actually the successor to wicker and has been specially developed for garden furniture. It is also made of plastic but with a polyester layer. This also ensures that they are virtually maintenance-free and can remain outside 365 days a year. Rope garden furniture is comfortable and gives your garden an attractive and natural look! Interested in a rope lounge set? View the collection!

wicker garden furniture
Wicker is a braided wire made of plastic, often HDPE or PVC. Plastic is maintenance-free and UV resistant, ideal! The braiding gives it a natural look. Wicker is woven by hand, which makes it very unique. It can be found in many different colors, patterns and variants.

All weather garden furniture
All weather lounge sets are the choice for convenience! The lounge set is often of stronger quality. Has much less visible discoloration and a very fast drying time. So are you looking for that nice easy lounge set that will complete your garden? Then an all-weather lounge set is a good choice! Interested in an all-weather lounge set? View the collection!

Where is the store of loungeset.nl
Loungeset.nl is the lounge set specialist with a wide range of 500+ lounge sets! View our collections online or visit our showroom
In our showroom you will find a large number of lounge sets from our collection and you have the opportunity to try them out. Please note that not all products are in the showroom. A selection from our total range is shown here. Please contact us in advance if you are coming for a specific set. Are you coming specifically for 1 model lounge set? please inform in advance whether it is available. There are many brands, models, materials and colors in the showroom.

You can find our showroom at Amsterdamsestraatweg 7 in Naarden.

Garden furniture specialists
Our advisors are ready to help you make the right choice! Come by and take advantage of free tips and expert advice from our well-trained staff and the best offers!

How do you protect your garden furniture?
In the long run, garden furniture can be affected by weather conditions. Stubborn dirt such as wet leaves and bird droppings can also leave traces on your garden furniture. We therefore recommend using a protective cover, especially if you do not use your garden furniture for a long time, such as in the winter. The cover protects against dirt, rain and harmful UV rays. This significantly extends the life of your garden furniture.

How do you maintain your garden furniture?
You can maintain garden furniture with the maintenance products optimized for this purpose. The maintenance products protect against UV rays and dirt-repellent, which repels moisture, moss and green deposits and extends the lifespan.

About us

Loungeset.nl is located at Amsterdamsestraatweg 7B in Naarden. Here we have a beautiful showroom where a selection of our online range is presented. Willem Naber is the owner and has been your garden furniture specialist since 2007. Started as a small online store and soon the garden furniture store in Naarden was added. From the beginning we only offer reliable Dutch garden furniture brands. We do this because we know that the guarantee, quality and service are all right. This is good for you as a consumer and for us as a garden furniture specialist. The passion and knowledge of garden furniture can be found everywhere within our team and organization. You will therefore make us very happy if we can show you more and tell you about our beautiful garden furniture collections.

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In Naarden we have a beautiful showroom where a selection of our online range is presented. It is always worth a visit for inspiration and information about garden furniture. For opening hours, and the address click to the showroom .