Company name: De Tuinmeubelen BV


Telephone: 035 82 00 321

General information

When you surf the internet you, perhaps without being aware of it, enable the administrators of internet pages to collect certain information about you. Examples include the "IP number" of your PC, the operating system, the internet browser you use and the last internet page you visited. This information can be used to improve the quality and accessibility of internet pages. Insofar as Tuinmeubelen BV uses such data, it will be processed anonymously and aggregated. IP addresses are made anonymous, so data cannot be traced back to an individual. Other data collected through our websites is only used for statistical purposes. Data that is collected is name and address details (for processing orders), contact details (for contact about your order, such as a delivery appointment or a change in the order). Your contact details will not be used for promotion/advertising, unless you give permission for this by means of a double opt-in.

Information that you enter on our website, such as address details when placing an order (name, address, zip code, place of residence, e-mail address and telephone number), are only used to process the order in the best possible way and are only shared with third parties if necessary (example: carrier). This information is necessary to confirm and send your order to you, but also to provide you with a good and appropriate service after your purchase.

We only use your personal data for the implementation of the concluded agreement that you conclude with us through your order. We will only use your personal data for sending an order confirmation by e-mail, checking payments, delivering the orders and the newsletter as specified in the ordering process.

If you indicate that you wish to receive a newsletter, you will always receive a confirmation email. Only when I click on the confirmation link in this e-mail will you actually be registered. We will therefore never send you newsletters or other advertisements if you have not fully completed this registration.

Duration of data storage
Your data will not be stored longer than necessary. Given that there is a guarantee on the products of Tuinmeubel BV, the data must in any case be kept during this period (depending on the product, between 2 and 10 years) and sometimes longer for administrative arrangements (company data must be kept at least kept for 7 years for the tax authorities and accounting). In addition, this information is also important for you as a customer yourself, if your product suddenly breaks down within the warranty.

Right to be forgotten
If you have an account containing your personal information and want to delete it, this is also possible. You can do this yourself or contact our customer service. You always have the right to be forgotten. You can also unsubscribe from a newsletter at any time. In addition, you always have the right to view or change your data.

Data that is shared with third parties
As indicated above, we will only share your data with third parties if this is necessary to process the concluded agreement (order) as well as possible, the sharing of this data only takes place to provide you as a customer with the best possible service. During your visit to our website there is always a secure SSL connection, including during the ordering process and the contact form. This connection ensures that your data is always safe.

Some of the parties we work with:
Criteo/Awin/trade tracker.
-Trade tracker.
-Spray pay.
-Aspen Digital.
-All suppliers/brands we work with.
-Various carriers: PostNL, DPD, DHL, Dachser, Hoekstra transport, Vos logistics, Emens, Rejo couriers.